Prawn Seed Collection

Strengths Opportunities
  1. Additional income source for families

  2. Ready vocation for village women-continuously pursuing all season

  3. Available at door step

  4. Imported resource for foreign exchange earning

  1. Value addition through hatcheries

  2. Developing marketing co-operatives

  3. Crab fattening and culture

  4. Developing modified brackishwater aquaculture

Weaknesses Threats
  1. Strong hold of middlemen/intermediaries

  2. Low price for catch at collection level

  3. Children dropping out of school for seed catching

  4. Mainly women and girls involved

  5. No assessment of environmental cost

  1. Accidents-attack by crocodiles and small sharks, snake bites, injuries because of mangrove roots and sea shells and breaches in embankments

  2. Major health hazards-gynecological problems, skin diseases, eye problems,

  3. Ecological threat to other varieties

  4. Soil erosion threatening mangrove system

  5. Security problems during seed collection at night




Strengths Opportunities
  1. Bountiful natural beauty with floral and faunal diversity

  2. World's largest mangrove forest

  3. Existence of FPCs

  4. Demarcation of SBR and management of reserve forest through SDB

  5. Limited access due to remoteness and river system

  1. Scope for apiary, mushroom culture and plantations of medicinal plants

  2. Collection and processing of non-timber forest produce (e.g. dry flowers and twigs)

  3. Large-scale afforestation programs (mangrove and non-mangrove zones) in demarcation of SBR

Weaknesses Threats
  1. Depleting forest cover

  2. Lack of security

  3. Disappearance of some mangrove species (like Sundari and Nipa or golpata) due to increased salinity)

  4. Lack of knowledge and awareness of forest regulations among people.

  1. Human animal conflict

  2. Poaching

  3. Unplanned tourism




Strengths Opportunities
  1. Bountiful natural beauty with floral and faunal diversity

  2. Vast Riverine system

  3. Literate and enthusiastic youth available in the area

  4. Presence of charismatic species - varieties of mangrove, tigers. Olive Riddle Turtles, endangered species of crocodiles, etc.

  1. Increase in popularity of Sundarban as tourist destination

  2. Scope for attractive packaged tours

  3. Scope for supplementary vocations e.g. guiding

  4. Water sports

  5. Promotion of heritage sites (e.g. Sagar) and eco tourism

  6. Development of indigenous handicrafts

  7. Development of societies specifically for tourism and eco-conservation

  8. World Heritage site

Weaknesses Threats
  1. Lack of tourist amenities and facilities

  2. Lack of primary and secondary infrastructure for tourism

  3. Lack of promotional efforts at central and state levels

  4. Lack of supportive administration

  5. Lack of exposure to visitors, specially foreigners, among local communities

  1. Restricted season due to terrain and climate

  2. Lack of security (e.g. dacoits)

  3. Fears associated with increased tourism - loss of culture, displacement and loss of land

  4. Increase in alcoholism and sex tourism

  5. Degradation of natural environment





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