The lion's share of the budgetary allocation of the Sundarban affairs department has since been earmarked for the implementation of civil works schemes and that too, for creation of physical assets.

The major work components are :


Construction of rural roads


Development & upgradation of existing brick-paved roads. to WBM /  Concrete / Bituminous Roads


Construction of Jetties


Construction of Bridges


Construction of HP Sluices and Culverts


Re-excavation of derelict channels and ponds for rain water harvesting


Sinking of tube-wells for supply of drinking water, etc.

Development of communication infrastructure :
Major thrust has been given on building up of communication infrastructure to link rural and island areas with markets, schools, health centers and ferry ghats, etc. The development of communication infrastructure has facilitated the movement of marketable surplus of the areas to nearby nodal centers and transportation of inputs and daily needs of the rural mass. Easy access to the nearby nodal centers, towns and cities also helps the inhabitants of these remote areas to avail the health care and education facilities.

Apart from creation of a vast rural road network having a total length of about 3000 km and construction of about 180 jetties in Sundarban, a worth mentioning project that has been undertaken by the Board in recent years is construction of some important double lane road bridges. These bridges set up linkage with the island villages of Sundarban with the mainland opening up scopes of development in different rural sectors.

Installation of tube-wells :
Installation of tube-wells for supply of drinking water is another important scheme of the Board for which considerable fund has since been earmarked. But the problem of potable water in some no - source villages of Sundarban are yet to addressed with alternative sources of water.


The Engineering Wing of the Board mainly implements the civil works schemes. But for speedy execution of larger schemes and projects, in a few cases the works are entrusted with State Govt. Corporations and State Govt. Managed Companies. The SD Board also participates in the implementation of some big bridges, power supply etc. through sharing of funds.
The civil works schemes of the Board are implemented under three Major Heads of Plan Outlay. These are - Core Plan, Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), Additional Central assistance (ACA).


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