Though normal development activities were being carried out by different Government Departments in the Sundarban Region since Independence, only during 1973, the extent of backwardness, the very fact of difficult, inhospitable & in accessible terrain, the critical gap in developmental needs and the magnitude of the task confronting the development agencies prompted the State Government to create a distinct and specific body for development in the region. Thus Sundarban Development Board was born in 1973, which was placed then under the Sundarban Area Branch of the Development & Planning Department.
In January 1994, a new Department viz. Sundarban Affairs Department was created to give an impetus to the development efforts in Sundarban region and Sundarban Development Board has been placed under this Department.
Sundarban Affairs Department implements developmental activities through Sundarban Development Board.



    Constitutionally, it is a distinct development agency guided by the decisions of a Board comprising elected representatives (MLAs / Sabhadhipaties), Administrators (District Magistrates of the two districts), noted Social Workers and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and representatives of State Govt. Depts. Functionally, however, it is a Directorate, erstwhile under the Sundarban Area Branch of the Development & Planning Department, and since 1994 under the Sundarban Affairs Department of the State Government.
      Even in the British ruled India, the need for a separate agency for Sundarban was felt and “SUNDARBAN COMMISSIONER” used to look after all the related issues since early Nineteenth Century. However in Independent India the developmental needs of the region was being monitored by the normal established administrative set up (24-Parganas District administration) till 1972.
       In pursuance of the State Government policy of entrusting the planning and co-ordination of development activities   in   the   backward   region   to   specified   agencies,  the  Sundarban Development Board under the Development& Planning Department was set up in 1973 for the socio-economic development of the Sundarban.


The functions entrusted to the Sundarban Development :-


Formulation of integrated programme for effective utilization of the resources placed at its disposal from various sources.


Co-ordination of execution of plans for the development of the region.


Supervision of the execution of any project for the development of the region as a whole or part of it.


Review and evaluate the progress of implementation and make adjustment in policies and measures as the review may indicate.



       The constitution of the Board at the initial stage was:-


Minister-in-Charge of Sundarban Area Branch of - Chairman Development & Planning Department


Vice-Chairman of the West Bengal State Planning - Member (Ex-officio)


Three M.L.A.s of Sundarban area to be nominated - Member (Ex-officio)
by State Government

The Executive head of Sundarban Development Board was designated as Member Secretary.


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